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Originally Posted by Soul Assassin View Post
Thanks for the pointers, I now remember how Carissa looks like.

Thinking about it, how did the idea of a ToumaxCarissa come about? All that I remember is that he first meets members of the Royal British Family in volume 17. Did he trigger... yet another flag somehow?
Well I think its probably because Touma is the man!! xD! But maybe because its the ToAruVerse... and you pretty much can give Touma most of the girls in it including Carissa. Hell, as a fanfic author who loves canon and rare pairings I'll get that idea somehow into my head. Then I'll formulate scenarios and exploit plots in TAMNI to make my ideal pairing in a fanfic story a reality. But hey thats just me lol.

As to answer the second question...

I think Touma's punch is like a cupid's arrow. One strike and any female is his lol xD! Of course there are cases where he just attracts women left and right just by being himself =P no force included. And since he struck Carissa in the face (which I found out from a summary some generous dude posted) who knows? her attraction for him may happen lol. But the idea of CarissaxTouma isn't such a bad thought indeed. I still go for MikotoxTouma tho!

Originally Posted by sasuke706 View Post
Carissa (right) against whatever we decided to translate this french woman's name as (left) from volume 20:
Spoiler for Carissa:

If you go to the first page, you can see the majority of the series' illustrations; she appears in Volumes 17, 18, and 20. Haimura's site also has some concept art, but he didn't seem to want to color the royalties.
Thanks for sharing, I too now have an idea of what she looks like ^^
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