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I think it's time to beat up the old fireworks guy. I mean seriously they worked that hard to make that? It was pretty bleh overall. Guess when you need official permission to make fireworks you can go around ripping off kids like that. Of course also knew the fireworks weren't going to work since it was just too obvious.

Everything has to come together at the end here. The truth behind Menma's death which should be helpful in her moving on and Jintan dealing with his feelings. Could easily see everyone snapping at his selfish decision to want to keep Menma with him. Of course not the only selfish one since I think Yukiatsu just wants to help Menma move on so Jintan can join his suffering.

Understandable for Tsuruko to cut her hair. Maybe the long hair was her small attempt to be more like Menma and grab Yukiatsu's attention. But clearly seeing that for those two there aren't replacements and that it's time to at least try to move on. Whether or not it will work for her is hard to say.
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