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Originally Posted by Zeroryoko1974 View Post
Everyone in this show (save maybe the little brother) is seriously F'd up, and is in need of an army of therapists
Oh, I think Satoshi could definitely use a therapist.

Who's the least messed up person in the major cast, I wonder?

Tsuruko? Brutally incisive - I would say ruthless - but expert at self-deception and hasn't told Yukiatsu she loves him in what, 8 years? Fail.

Yukiatsu? Do I even need to go there? Fail.

Jintan? See Yukiatsu. Fail.

Anaru? I feel for her - she's straightforward and wears her heart on her sleeve, but hopelessly hung up on a guy who can't break free of his own past long enough to recognize her. Fail.

Poppo? Tempting. But he dropped out of school, may or may not be making up tales about world travel, and has a serious inferiority complex. Plus, he's stuck in an extended childhood - albeit with a smile on his face - and his "Say it!" mantra in #11 was borderline psychotic. Fail.

Satoshi? Lost his sister as a toddler, and lost his mother at the same time. Feels abandoned by everyone in his family. Fail.

Menmama? Oy. Forget it - fail.

Menpapa? Started off looking like an ogre, turned out to just be a guy in pain trying to save his family after a terrible tragedy. Still... Fail.

Jinta's Dad? Well - way too permissive, but with love. Reacted to his son's pain by being ultra-understanding and letting him do as he wanted, but was always there for support with a smile on his face. I think that constant smile is overcompensation for a heavy heart, but he's borderline.

My vote? Jinta's Dad is the least messed-up.
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