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The main highlight for me is that the slime is mentioned as the weapon of destruction. Does the H2S mean 2 parts Hydrogen 1 part Sulfur?

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BTW, kinda unrelated, but the cover for volume 67 has been revealed:


Nice! So we've got Kinemon, Monet, AND CC in color (at least in his gas form as far as the last one is concerned). But there's a couple things I find odd here: First, Law isn't on the cover for some reason (unless Oda's saving an epic pic of him for the NEXT volume's cover), and.... do I see human legs on Monet's harpy form?! I find that odd since the past chapters showed her legs were talons. Either this is a mistake on Oda's part, or we just got another hint that the harpy body is indeed her zoan form (meaning I'd have to disregard my above joke about her being an amoeba woman)......
I don't like how the cover shows the 4 switched bodies of Luffy's crew. No doubt the next cover will have Nami in Sanji's body. How long can Nami's current injustice go on?

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Also, I suppose some of you may be wondering about that One Piece White book I mentioned a few threads back. Well..... it turns out that the book focuses on the anime version, so it doesn't look like we can expect any new manga info, unfortunately. But on the flipside, volume 67 is released next week, which of course means the possibility of some sweet SBS info.
If book White focuses on the anime, I bet we'll get info on some anime filler arcs and non-canon characters including Chameleone which I hope will be in a filler arc preceding One Piece film Z.
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