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Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
sure it does. it matters if/when obito is redeemed as a character. he is extraordinarily similar to darth vader in many regards and he will most likely be redeemed at the very end of his story before his death in a similar fashion. so either he will learn the truth about madara's involvement or madara will be torturing kakashi to the point where obito can't stand it anymore and he throws him into the death star's reactor shaft kills him
I'm having trouble swallowing this.

Madara and the Juubi aren't overpowered to a point of needing more good guys. Unless we haven't seen what Madara is capable of yet. I'm just wondering where the belief that the odds are overwhelming enough to needing yet another bad guy turning good. We've already lost Sasuke on the bad side, Zetsu and for the most part, Kabuto and Orochimaru. It's literally just Tobi and Madara with the Juubi and Naruto+Kyuubi and his team have been doing fairly decent.

When Sasuke arrives with ALL four Hokages on his side, that's QUITE a power shift. They would lay waste to Tobi in less than four panels and Madara would be overwhelmed. There has to be something hidden on Madara's side.
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