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Originally Posted by totoum View Post
The rozen maiden ED pretty much shows why I love Omata:

I never skip this,it hypnotizes me everytime I watch it,sure the song sets the tone but I love the lighting and how long he holds the shots.
His storyboarding ability is elite. He's done the storyboard for the OP, ED and the first 6 episodes of Rozen Maiden, already more than he did for Sankarea.

Originally Posted by Obelisk ze Tormentor View Post
^ So that’s why Rozen Maiden Zuruckspulen is so well-executed (except for the mandatory recap-episode 1) and has great OP & ED which are both easy for the ears and visually stunning. I’ve never watched Sankarea anime (I only read the manga) since I heard it has anime-original ending that sucks. Maybe I’ll check it out someday .
The first 3 episodes of Sankarea are quality and a massive improvement on the source material. If anything it's the source material that brings Sankarea down after that, as opposed to any sort of deviation.

Originally Posted by Lord of Fire View Post
And with what's in the horizon in terms of future projects, I hope the studio can shake off a bit of the nasty reputation it has received over the years.
Well if they keep giving shows to people with talent like Omata, Yamazaki Mitsue and Mochizuki Tomomi they'll be on the track to changing that tainted perception they have. Interesting to see they go after some SHAFT people though, I guess some people want to stand on their own feet and not have any credit taken. (Because no matter how much they do, Shinbo will always be credited by most fans, since as well as creating the general SHAFT style he's Series Director or Chief Director or whatever title he gives to himself for overseeing things)

Originally Posted by totoum View Post
What's up with that btw?

Always wondered how come it was so quickly known that Hatakeyama=Omata, was it part of a press release?
Hasn't he only used his real name from Sankarea onward? Pretty much Omata was his alias @ SHAFT and since he left them I assume he's using his real name now?
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