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Yay, it's here! Voted for:

Kanade - I think she will probably get the most votes in this poll. I just have a thing for characters that initially show no emotion whatsoever but begin to slowly change that demeanor as a result of their interactions with the other characters. It's also really sad to see her so lonely during the first half of the series with the whole SSS rebelling against her, so much so that you just wanna give her a hug. She's also really adorable and that's never a bad thing.

Yui - I really like her hyperactivity, even more so when the reason for that was revealed. It was a sad life indeed; she could not do the things she wanted -- playing in a band, playing baseball or soccer, anything that required much movement of the body -- just because of a tragic car accident, and due to that, she ended up living an unfulfilled life and found her way to the afterlife. It was nice seeing her in ep10 finally being able to do the things she's always wanted to, and also finally finding love, although it wasn't nice seeing her go.

T.K. - Get chance and luck. That is all.

I like Yuri and Yuzuru as well, but not so much that I would consider them my favorite characters of the series, so they didn't get my vote.

Also, Pellissier, you misspelled 'Otonashi' there.
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