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TK: Look at my avi and sign .

Kanade: Seriously if it hadn't been for her, I couldn't have picked this anime in the first place.

Hinata: I usually have a thing for happy-go-lucky guys but totally don't just exist for comic relief like him.

Otonashi: I really love main characters that have personalities like him. His backstory moved me as well.

Yuri: Just after how much she showed her great abilities as a leader, I couldn't help taking some likings to her.
The fact that you cry
The fact that you lose your temper
The fact that you get angry
The fact that you hate
The fact that you scream
The fact that you suffer
The fact that you mourn
The fact that you despair
Or the fact that you come to a resolution

Cannot prove that you are right.
~Everybody Has the Right to Make Mistakes~ - Quoted from Kino's Journey Vol. 12
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