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Yuri: Probably my favorite female character in recent anime, since Hitagi. Plus she showed herself to be a great leader, whom always gave thought to the situations they face. So obvious to vote for her.

Hinata: Episode 10; I don't think I need to say more .

Yui: I liked her cuteness, craziness , and hyperactivity, and even more so like others when her past was revealed. I had feeling I'd enjoy her character since her first conversation with Otonashi in episode 3, and I was right .

Shiina: Ever since her weakness for cuteness, and the broom balancing Scene, I've rather liked Shiina.

Hatsune: While she didn't have a lot of time in the series, I liked her since she was the always positive type despite being in the hospital for over a year, and she had an important role.

Also gave consolation votes to the 4 original girls of GDM since I doubt they'll get that many. Close Characters, but not quite my favorites Otonashi, Yusa, and Kanade.
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