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My votes went towards Kanade, Yuzuru and Iwasawa.

First, I liked Kanade because she developed as a character throughout the series and she had no intention of being evil. She was quite adorable in many situations and was proved to be quite helpful, especially towards the end. Although we didn't really get to learn her backstory, it was still great to get to know her better.

I chose Yuzuru because he was a very helpful protagonist that never gave up in any situation (!) and he also was quite funny at times, but overall, just a fantastic character that you don't usually find in many series. I admired his courage and his perseverance.

Iwasawa was a quiet character, but I just loved how she was a kind character throughout her time. She was a lovely leader and people admired her as the band leader and as a great person. I loved the songs that she sang and she just proved to be a fantastic person.

I also meant to vote for Shiina also, but I guess I forgot. Of course, the number of lines she has in the series can be counted on our fingers, but she was a very great person who tried to help all she could. Being a ninja just makes her so much more awesome. :3
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