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We don't know for certain yet. The trailer might be intentionally misleading. I doubt it, though. I'm guessing Urobuchi's involvement in this season extends only to making sure there is no contradiction with the movie. The movie affects the second season (as in, status quo must be maintained and no character Urobuchi is planning to use can be killed), not the other way around. It will be the true sequel to Psycho Pass, the one the original writer envisioned.
I imagine that the second season is using Urobochi's ideas, but that those ideas are being executed by the current writer. (Who, to be fair, was given very few episodes to both advance the plot and develop/expand the characters.) Thus, I imagine things like Kamui's backstory, Mika being cornered by the Toganes and being told the truth about Sybil, and Ginoza's newfound willingness to bend the rules are all Urobochi's thoughts, being interpreted and executed by the new writer, with far less episodes to work with than he needs. (I understand that the short amount of episodes can't explain all of this season's missteps, or the things people simply don't like, but it doesn't make telling the story easier.)
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