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Well, that was an interesting reveal for Kamui. I guess that explains where Kirito got all his amazing god-like list of abilities from. If a guy had 184 people as part of him, along with his brain being made up of 7 other peoples brains, then it would be understandable that he is now extremely multi-talented. However, as everyone says, this has pushed the limit of the term "science-fiction" and even Dr. Frankenstein would have to look at this poor boy and ask "Why?" Was it really necessary to combine all of these people into one boy? It's super-obvious that this was never about saving his life, but some psychopathic mad scientist's twisted experiment. Dr. Togane made monster, and now that monster is trying to destroy her family's name and the system that it has supported.

Interestingly, they mention that it was only after Kirito had healed for a while and all the pieces had assimilated as one, that the system no longer recognized him. He became invisible to society. In a way, that makes him similar to Makishima, who also found himself unique and almost unseen by society, and from there his ideas were born, just like Kamui.

I could see the "Togane's mom is part of the Sybil System" coming, and like the others, I almost felt sorry for Mika. She finally did some good police work, however her desire to oust Akane led to her demise. As for Togane himself, it's now clear why a guy who had a CC of 769 at the age of ten was looked over by Sybil and that his mom even covered up his records. You have to wonder how many other criminals are "looked over" and their CCs covered up, if a member of Sybil desires it?

As for will all this count with the movie coming? Well, I think people are forgetting that way more people, especially in the general audience will watch the second season of the series in comparison to the movie. Also, anime watchers generally think more highly of the second season of a show, than they do a movie since movies many times tend to be independent stories that are separate from the series as a whole. Now many of us, that now all about the background cast and crew and other information about this movie, might know of the movies importance, but most of those who watch Psycho-Pass won't especially in the west. The season, means something and is canon to the series, no matter what the movie does or doesn't do.

Also, you do realize that by the reveal of the psychologist being Kirito in holo form, this series has already affected the first season. It was shown in episode 1 or 2 that this psychologist was the same one that was treating Gino back in the first season. That means that the man we were seeing all that time in season one was actually Kirito, and that he's been putting his plan into place even all the way back then.

We'll see how this will all go for Mika too. I think we're going to have a mature and knowledgeable inspector or enforcer out of her by the end of the series. I'm kind of glad she's going to learn the truth, it can give her an idea of what's really going on out there and not just walking around with blinders on.
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