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Originally Posted by Levani View Post
Yeah, they changed his VA and now he sounds Naruto-ish Epic fail.

But it's growing on me but I will go back in my dark place and continue hating the fact that they're trying to make Boruto a Naruto clone.
They changed his VA from what exactly? Boruto's only other animated appearance was in The Last epilogue and he was something like four years old.

Still I agree with the second part, I'm disappointed that Boruto is a carbon copy clone of his father (basically Naruto with daddy issues) and the only thing that he got from his mother is the colour purple (actually it looks more like dark pink, uh oh ). Considering Naruto has the personality of his mother but his father looks I kind of wish Kishimoto did the same thing with Boruto, that would have made him more unique.
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