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Originally Posted by Itsmepatrick View Post
It'll be worst if Ishi makes that happen. With 2 Heavenly Dragon class and a Maou class in Issei's team it'll be too easy for them to win so I think there will be some weird plot that may happen like UL sealing his Longinus for a period of time or maybe there will some rule in the game which will limit the power of players cause If not Issei and Draig will just bully the Diehausers team .
For maou clas do you mean Ingvild? However you forget Xenovia with the leggendary holy swords and Scabbard, Rossweise that is near the maou class and with some boost can create a barrier to block a super devil. Fafnir that is a dragon king with a lot of abilities with asia. Nakiri that is equal to a dragon king though. Roygun with crack

Even withtout Ddraig or Issei, his team is too powerful
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