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After some "indepth" test with the patch, you "can" use it with episode 1 game.
However, the structure of episode 2 isn't the same, and there is simply no BGM with the patch applied on episode 1.
Also, at the "shacking boat" scene in chapter 2, it might crash (it will most likely if you hold CTRL, it should be fine with space/left clicking etc).

It might be easier to fix, but I won't promise anything as I do not have the mastery nor knowledge to advance that. I will give more update in the future anyway.

Originally Posted by Proto View Post
Nah, don't worry, I accept your apologies. (In fact my misery stems from the fact that I bought both episodes when I could have bought only one, but let's not go there)
Hahaha, I see. I thought you meant that you bought only the episode 1 CD
Well, at least, you can keep episode 1 CD much like how you will for episode 2 once 3 and later will be released. I did it that as well, but for collection, completion (and certainly fanboyism) sake

As for 4chan trolls, being a non english native, I can't see it that "unnatural" which is funny because overly exaggerated/sophisticated english should be thougher but whatever...
Considering the retranslation and the tests we made so far, I don't think the english written by tobiast is unnatural at all.

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