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Before I start, let me say thank you for translating.

Now, I can see where 4chan is coming from. Umineko reads like a translation, not a novel. If the same translation style were to come from a fansub or whathaveyou, it would be perfectly fine. Since it's a novel (albeit a visual novel), there should be some flow, which isn't there. I can't get a feel for Ryuukishi07's writing style the same way I can from the official translations of novels such as Nisioisin's Death Note novel or Chain Mail (which utilized 5 different narration styles, all of which came out relatively clearly).

Compare it to Tsukihime. Umineko is a good deal 'chunkier', while Tsukihime reads very nicely, and has a flow to it as well. I'm supposed to get a feel for Battler's relations with his family, but I really have to strain, since the feeling doesn't convey itself as well as it should. Alternatively, I can see how Akiha and Shiki get along very clearly from their dialouge. To localize a VN, you don't only need to translate, but you almost have to rewrite it as well.

In any case, I truly appriciate what you guys have done. It saves me the trouble of going in blind with AGTH.
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