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The problem with justice is that so many people have many different views on it and what they would deem as "justice" that the correct way of encountering an event is not always the right one. This is of course assuming there is actually a right choice in the matter.

Nevertheless justice can be carried out if the lives of many people are in danger, but the occurance is prevented. That would be justice through the eyes of many beholders as society would be able to continue to exist naturally. Of course there will always be the few individuals that detest the way in which the Earth has progressed and if this were the case then obviously they would not see this as Justice, nonetheless the majority of citizens that survived this unspecified impact would.

Let us say that a very happy family man were to have his entire family murdered by a mysterious killer, which he did not deserve, and then the family man, the victim of the aftermath of this slaughter that left him with nothing, found the killer, and then killed him. Some would deem this as justice, including the misfortunate family man as he has just left his family to rest as their killer was silenced. This murderer could also have been capable of murdering more people in the future so it is a good thing that he was killed. Yet this depressed family man is also a murderer, making his actions the same to that of the murderer himself, especially if this murderer also had a family in which case his children would be missing a father. A lot of people clearly state that murder is never a good thing no matter what the reason, yet on the inside some people think differently. Some will be praising this man that had taken the life of a murderer, yet some would look at him as being no better than the other murderer. Hence justice is, yet at the same time is not, served.

Justice is seen through the eyes of the beholder.
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