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I think it's important to make the difference between personnal justice and society justice. The first one is what we think about being right or being wrong. It's our personal view on justice and it's different for each individual. But personnal justice must not prevail over society justice. Society justice is composed of law and it's these law which defined our society. It's these law which made our society herself. If you respect your sence of justice but not the society justice then you're in infraction. It's important because if there is no society justice then there is no rules and then it's the chaos since everyone will do what they think it will be right. That's why personal justice must not prevail over society justice.
I would tend to say that in general it is necessary for society's justice to previal in order to maintain order, but I'd never say this as an absolute, because there are quite a few cases I've seen where society's justice (AKA the law) has clearly been in the wrong. Actually, I'd go as far as to say that the law by definition can never be fully just, it's just too rigid. As a anime board, we're actually home to a really good example of this: most of us would probably consider some form of copyright law necessary, yet get most of our anime via fansubs which violate international copyrights, and many of us think the anime industry benefits from those subs.

@Spectacular Insanity:
Personally, I think punishment should be based on the criterea of deterrence, not revenge (personal or societal). But that runs into some tricky issues, particularly as to whether the deterrent actually works. A lot of crime is committed by people who clearly didn't think about the consequences of their actions, so how would making the consequences worse have prevented anything?
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