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That why there cna be no logic until we create several logic engines to interept a situation!

But in all seriousness justice is something that comes eventually. Like Karma it has a way to deliver itself, even if some cases it requires a magical vigilante to save the "day". It isn't always delivered and may fail to impress.

@Fox I have to agree with the drug prohibition, it allowed a great black market to erupt. Drugs like cigarettes should be monitored and controlled, but like cigarettes kids are still going to get them, so why fuss and waste billions of dollars into law enforcement and why not just let private industry go screw themselves over with all the money they'll get. Hey it's more taxes in and less taxes out and I'm pretty sure that the people who are going to get high would have still done so, but has 1. Paid some sales tax 2. Bought it legally 3. Isn't buying a fake and injecting cement into their veins.

Law can only do so much and laws must have been made by someone and as such atleast 1 person in the world will find something subjectively wrong with it, because they are afterall a different person.

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