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Originally Posted by squaresphere View Post
well the ending makes me glad i know the manga will take another route.

Seriously, she get to be a weapon soul to but just didn't know it? LAME, would have been better if she suddenly was able to project her soul force like Stein and Black Star. Would have made a lot more sense for the last punch.


All in all rather disappointing. Would have preferred her and Soul create a "God Hunter" move instead.
Okay. It would have made no sense for the black dress to turn up in that context, because it is a representation of the black blood, which Maka was absolutely not using in the moment she punched Asura.

Secondly, the whole point of the punch was that it wasn't down to physical force alone. It was Maka's courage that opposed fear/madness that Asura represents.

Having some sort of massive Scythe or soul wavelength attack from Maka do the job would have, I think, defeated the point Bones was trying to make; that courage - in everybody, according to them - not the brute strength that her peers were relying on at that point, was enough to finish the Big Bad.
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