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Right. Right.
It sounds like you haven't bothered to actually listen to Drama CD/read the summary.
So, I'll explain. This Drama CD was included with pre-ordered tickets for The MOVIE 1st. It features a lot of Vivio spending time with her mamas, one of the tracks on the vol.1 named "Takamachi family gathering". Said family include Vivio, Nanoha and Fate.
Vol.2 is about Fate and her adopted children, Nanoha shows up a bit too. And then, on the 4th track, Yuuno and Chrono talk about Nanoha and who Yuuno is to her. It's said that he is her close friend and (once) magic teacher and that she respects him very much.
To me it's quite openly states that Nanoha and Yuuno don't share any romantic relationship right now, and most probably never did in the past. Yes, we know from previous canon instalments that Yuuno had romantic feelings for Nanoha. But they were never answered.
Now the question is "why?". Some answers would be:
1. Nanoha has someone else we haven't seen yet. - Not likely.
2. Nanoha has someone we know. Fate would be most likely candidate. (you know, big bed, a child)
3. Nanoha is incapable of romantic feelings for anyone, her closeness with Fate meaning that they are on a "sisters' level".
Take your pick.
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