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Putting myself in the father's shoes, if I was working in some soul numbing job from 8am-9:30-10:00pm(usually doing this 6 days a week) while my wife couldn't figure this shit out, (or really not even try) I'd leave/find another woman too!

....unless you wanted the father to get fired and then not pay rent and have their whole family to be homeless. . .then go ahead and blame the father, but as far as I'm concerned in his situation, he did his job.

Yes, but Kotoura's family, by all indications appears to be loaded and very rich. Which makes me wonder whether her Father is a typical Salaryman, or more than an ordinary Salaryman. For all we know, he could well be in the Executive suite - though perhaps things are only slightly better at that level in Japan.I don't think that Middle Class concerns are applicable to Kotoura's situation.
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