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^Well, the weapons have game like restrictions so if anyone that doesn't meet the requirements tries it, they wouldn't be able to equip the weapon. Here's the literal description of the mc ability in the novel:

The user can equip anything.

He can equip a great sword that needs the Strength to be B or higher.

He can equip a magic rapier that needs both Agility and Magic Power to be B or higher.

He can equip a demon sword that could only be equipped by dark knights of level 50 or higher.
Chrom' skill is certainly a rare skill, but because Chrom was still at level 1 with weak attributes, it didn't matter if he could equip such powerful weapons, plus he didn't have the money to buy such powerful weapons. That's why at first [Being able to equip anything] was considered like "pearls thrown before swine", an useless skill.
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