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The blackmiths aren't the one doing the restrictions, that's just how the world is.
They can equip a weapon without the proper stats but can't fully utilize it unless they meet the requirements. There's also something about a minimal requirement and an ideal requirement. Like Dark Souls, you can use any weapon at any time regardless of stats, it's just it'll do 1 damage.
It pretty much explains the equipment system in chapter 2. Weapons having a stat requirement is treated like common sense.

You know it isn't blacksmiths doing it because the protagonist's sword is Excalibur.
Which is explained to have come from another world (Earth) and that its previous user was King Arthur, but no can use it because of its requirements.
Hence where the protagonist's 'can equip anything' comes in.

If there is an actual reason it probably has to do with gods and whatnot. I don't remember or didn't get that far if it gets explained further.
Like in DanMachi's pantheon system, mythical creatures are in charge of guilds in this world, complete with restrictions on themselves. They're probably responsible if anyone is.
I think the restrictions are just on weapons, though.
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