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Mankind searches meaning in life everyday, mankind searches the meaning of death everyday as well. The fact that we do not understand life and are forced into death is humanities' cruel fate. I myself am perplexed by this supposed ultimate destiny of mankind. Is there not so much do in the world? One life in the six billion lives out there is insignificant. Those six billion lives are insignificant in the continuation of space and time. The earth is insignificant in our solar system, our solar system is insignificant to the galaxy, our galaxy is insignificant to the entire universe. It nauseates me to see that people truly accept death as is. I'll never accept this fate.

To live life everyday and see that anything you do is unimportant is morbid. Yes you can try to leave your mark on mankind and be wrote about in textbooks, but existence does not praise you as does man. I cannot honestly believe that anyone has not thought about their place in this great mural we call life. It seems to me that the people who are not afraid of death are those have given up. If given the chance, why not try learn about this great existence?

Immortality is definitely something I would grab if I got the chance. Right now in my life I don't see any point in trying to do anything. Time will not allow me to do anything. All that I like to do is entertain myself with anime, games, movies, books, and sports.

Here's the thing, I believe humanity will claim immortality one day. Downloading your mind to a computer, or placing our bodies in cryostasis, whatever it is I will do it. I want to be the one there when it happens. Towards the end of my life, if my life doesn't end abruptly, my goal is to do anything possible to try and escape death. If we were truly meant to discover immortality and we achieve this, then my endless search of the facts of existence will commence. Until then I shall live my morbid life, maybe find a family to continue my genes, and try to keep myself happy with my daily tasks.

So here's my question for you: If humanity as a whole is able to achieve immortality would you go along with them? In this case, you are not the only one who is immortal, and humans will finally be allowed the opportunity to understand life and perhaps one day, death.
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