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Originally Posted by raile View Post
All I know is that the hatred to their own homes that Alto and Sheryl have are not really genuine as it seems, I'll elaborate later.
It's fairly obvious that Alto's hatred of Frontier isn't very genuine, seeing as how he vomits when he sees it devastated, gets really into showing it to Sheryl, and eventually commits to defending it. I'm less convinced that Sheryl's negative feelings towards Galaxy are fake though. Her body language when she and Alto are discussing their home fleets in Episode Six is indicative of some pretty painful memories. I think she feels she has a duty to the people of Galaxy, but I don't think she loves that place the way she ends up loving Frontier.

Originally Posted by Swampstorm View Post
Home is an abstract concept. In Alto and Sheryl's case, it's not a question of where, but rather a question of how it's perceived. I would recommend looking to episode 23 to get a sense of what "home" truly means to them.
Hmmm... Sheryl seems to feel that the important thing about home is having a special person (or possibly people) there with you. Alto's view seems broader -he places great importance on the people of Frontier as a whole (though then again when Sheryl chose to sing in Episode 22, it was for the people of Frontier in a broad sense). Am I on the right track here?
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