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Marmalade Boy Little [manga]

The sequel to Marmalade Boy, started in 2013-03, by Wataru Yoshizumi

The family chart of our hero and heroine

The is the story of the half brother, Hajime Koishikawa and half sister, Rikka Matsuura, of Yuu and Miki from the original Marmalade Boy. Hajime and Rikka's parents swapped partners during the original Marmalade Boy and moved into the same house. Years later, all four are still living together. Rikka and Hajime were brought up together in the same household. (see the family chart above for further explanation) Rikka is a naive and energetic girl. Hajime is a calm and inscrutable boy. They are now in the same middle school.


Spoiler for Chapter 1:

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