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Originally Posted by judasmartel View Post
This could be a problem if the country you're talking about is a predominantly Roman Catholic one. Because ToAru depicts the magical faction of the Roman Catholic Church (which I believe the Church definitely has, purposely to counter the activities of the supposed "enemies of God" which are can only be dealt with by occult means) as the antagonists, I am expecting devout Roman Catholics (and I mean the real devout ones) to protest vigorously on this one, when in fact the ToAruVerse is only fiction, and does not necessarily reflect the dark side of the Roman Catholic Church in any extent.

nah, it actually shows the dark side of roman catholic church in the past. If you look at history books. Roman Catholic spreads across the whole world while the Spaniards continue their conquer. Plus in the past. There are relative documentation about burning people alive due to being accuse as workers of devil or witch/sorcerers.
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