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Originally Posted by Tokugashi View Post
Wow, thanks for the explanations guys! Really put things in perspective. I gave rep to those who helped the most.

Being a man of God myself, I can tolerate this show because I don't like to label myself as Christian or anything else because that would put me in the same boat as all the hypocrits(spelling) who call themselves Christians.

But that aside, I enjoy the show, it's just seems to me like they made the show to promote anti-Christian themes. For instance, the Liber Al Vegis or Book of the Law as well as HUNDREDS of other themes including but not limited to, the symbols that the magicians write, the references to Nephilim etc. This is a lot of religious jargon that most people don't know about, but it all links back to the satanic studies of Aliester Crowley, who had a character named after him:

The symbols that the magicians write are actual spiritual summons made by Crowley. Not only that but like I said before, Crowley was the actual publisher of the Liber Al Vegis. His parents even called him "The Beast" because of how evil he is. Even though it's wrapped in conspiracy, he is believed a member of the O.T.O(look it up).

This is real stuff people and it shouldn't be fooled around with. Educate yourselves.
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