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Yep, 3.1 miles long. Only things in Star Wars that would be bigger are bigger Super Star Destroyer/Defender-class ships (Executor-class being 19 kilometers/11.8 miles, the Eclipse-class at 17.5 kilometers/10.8 miles, Sovereign-class at 15 kilometers/9.3 miles, Viscount-class Star Defender at 17 kilometers/10.5 miles).

It also makes me wonder how such things are funded to be maintained, not only for itself like its engines, structure, etc, but also for everything that goes on aboard like the schools, neighborhoods, and whatnot, lol. Especially when you consider that the Oarai ship is SMALL compared to some of the others; St. Gloriana's being just under 3 times bigger while Pravda's IS 3 times bigger.
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