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Originally Posted by ultimatemegax View Post
To follow up on Kogetsu's hard work (and thank you very much for translating the names, I know there's some of us who do appreciate the hard work), here is the translated seating chart with the numbers listed from the spoiler video. The awesome translated seating chart is spoilered due to size and I'd like to thank an awesome mod, CrowKenobi, for sharing this picture I'd been hunting since the spoiler video was released and couldn't find. I've blurred the name that Kogetsu left out, so no spoilers (though it's not really much of one all things considered).
Awesome. Good job Kogetsu and ultimatemegax!

I have only one question; anything suspicious about the addresses? I'm not familiar about Japanese locations, so I can't pick out anything that's not supposed to be there. Well, 16 and 18 live in the same place, but I'm not sure if that accounts for suspicious...
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