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Holy @#$)*@), this episode surpassed ALL my expectations. Since I already know the plot and basing on the first two episodes I wouldn't expect much out of this one even though this is the first glimpse of Alpha Stigma.


Man oh man, I never thought I would say this but Jun Fukuyama is SOOOOOOOOOO BADASS. The whole activation scene and the laughs just send waves of excitement down my spin and make my hair tingles. And the gore~~~ so much of it, so much so much so much, and so deliciously bloody!!!!! The music and the animation are quite mood-fitting and stunning as well. This could've been the season end episode and I wouldn't be surprised. I'm glad they didn't wimp out on the cruelty of war. And the pace!!! ZEXCS did well fitting one volume into two episodes without losing any of the flavors that make this series.

This is just total wow for me, and almost make me forgive for everything they did to Regios ... almost. Just wow ... I'm so rewatching this again. I totally hope I'm not over-hyping this for everyone else but I just finished watching it and was a total blast for me, so yeah ... keep your expectations low ... somewhat.
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