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Whew, that was a lot to read. And thanks for thinking so highly of my posts, I do appreciate it.

Anyway, I agree with most of what you said. Though as for why Ura-chan was so cold at first, I imagine she still vaguely remembered seeing her mother die, that's enough to traumatize any poor child. Not to mention she didn't want to risk losing anyone again, so she put up a false persona to protect herself from any emotional pain later on.

And as for her being too mature after being in a coma for so long, I agree. I definitely have her freaking out a bit when she awakens in a fanfic I'm co-authoring on another site, makes it more realistic as well as a bit comical. Ura-chan can be funny when she puts her mind to it, sometimes without even trying.

And yes, I think Akasha biffed it a bit with trying to insure her daughter's happiness, for he inadvertently stole it away when Tsukune fell for her and not the real Moka. Though at least in the complete volume she acts more like a concerned mother, whereas in the original she didn't so much as look at her. I don't mean to start the whole debate all over again, but that plot twist made me shake my head, and made me feel really sorry for Ura-chan, for it seemed she was getting a bum deal in all that.

As for "Akashiya," in Japanese it translates to "red night." All the main characters have colors in the names (Kurumu has "black," Mizore has "white," Tsukune has "blue," not sure about the others but you get the idea). Not to mention in the first cour of the anime, whenever Ura-chan was awakened a red night was summoned.

As for where Kokoa lived, your guess is as good as mine. That's one question that was never answered throughout the story. All he know is Kokoa pursued Moka from the castle, desperately trying to bring back the sister she loved so much, and never returned.
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