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the red string of fate
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Originally Posted by Juvyniled View Post
Shirley appears to be an annoying character, but her character makes the situation more interesting. She is really pitiable considering that she is left with no recollection of this person who apparently murdered her father, and whom she seemed (from her perspective) to have a close relationship with. And besides, it's all karma.
wonder if she's going to be able to put 2 and 2 together and figure out that Lelouch is an imperial prince.

lord things would get complicated for her then.

Originally Posted by kakashi524 View Post
This episode was somewhat disappointing, i was expecting some more action, and more revelations.
what, you mean other than Euphie's master plan? or the fact Sayoko's been working for Diethard? or Nunnally meeting Diethard again? oh, and now Lu and Kallen know about Ougixsome girl (Villetta), that'll be fun later.
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