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Finally got to see the episode. Was gone for a whole day.

My god, I didn't expect much from the episode, being a pizza comedy one...
but man story advanced! And lots of great development too.
We get to see the Granstone Knights, glimpse of Ornage, Sayako-san's true identity, Viletta and Ougi, Euphie, C.C.'s pizza , everything you could ask for were packed in this episode. A first 10/10 from me in long time.

Btw, those worrying about Infinite Ryvius...
IMO, Ryvius is still the best anime Taniguchi has ever made, IMO.
Don't worry, it's one of the best Sci-Fi anime ever.

Originally Posted by ashlay View Post
from what I got, Diethard had previously assigned Sayoko to keep tabs on Kallen (probably after she became 0 squad leader) and to try and figure out who Zero was. now, he tells her that she doesn't have to worry about Kallen anymore, and should just focus on the original assignment to find out Zero's identity.

so no, Diethard still doesn't know who Zero is, and judging from Sayoko's appearances so far, I still don't think she's even suspected Lelouch. :\
Diethard said nothing to Sayoko about finding out who Zero is.
What he said, is that in time he'll introduce her to Zero, so until then stay in the Britanian settlement as a spy.
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