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Originally Posted by MrTerrorist View Post
It's confirmed! Varette is West!
i think that they are very alike,maybe even twins, this theory of mine is based in a few tips.

first : the other witch(i think was south who said that verette and west was killed together (in the same battle)
if they are sister and twins we can belive that if North tried to kill West, her sister will try to protect her.

second: ryuham (i dont know how to write his name) asked verette "why she was alive" and if she was alive ,(verette), his master may be alive too" this is make no sense if verette is really west.. and this suport my theory why ryuham knows verette and why verette said that she wont kill him because of someone.

third : i dont remember exact the chapter but i pretty sure that we have a flashback of verette talking to west about tasha or ryuham(the talk was about her aprentice i just dont remember who was)

fourth: west was know for the title "white witch" and verette magic/suporter is a shadow and a shadow dont have anything white (you can even see in the current flashback chapter all witches are using black and west is all white)
and above all if verette is west why tasha that is fighting her all the time?
sorry about my english, i am self learning.

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