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Wow, what a show! Just about everything I wanted and expected... Tho I could use some more framerate on the labyrinth scenes as well. Still shaft and shinbo deliver the Magical Girl goods like no one has ever done before! Can't wait for the next episode!

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Spoiler for Image map:
4chan denizens theory.
All of these speculations seem too darn convoluted to me. If there is a time cycle ( big if) these no grounds at all for assuming Mamie or Sayuka are part of it or not. The only thing we know about the flashback in the beginning is that Homura is fighting to save the world ... and she's failing because she doesn't have Madoka's help.

Maybe Madoka died because she became a Magical girl, or maybe she just didn't become one at all and died the the armageddon.

If the Magical Girls and Witches do coexsist in a cannibalistic cycle of equilibrium, maybe the world came to to an end because Mami was stopped from feeding on new recruits and because an incredibly powerful Witch with no Magical Girls strong enough to challenge her.

Point being, we just don't know enough yet to figure out the plot wether linear or cyclic.

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