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I was wondering a question, did anybody ever bashed Seki Hiromi for her statement in the interview ?Will she get attack on twitter by fans if the squeal reveals that Tk and Kari didn't ended up together.
Specially considering how the director of "Darling on the Franxx" attacked by fan on Twitter.
Suppose, the squeal start with revealing Kari is dating somebody and its not TK. She and Tai has become a little distant since the event of Tri series and also Tai has problem with adjusting to the idea that his little sister has a boyfriend.
It was an old interview, before Twitter existed. Also, Seki Hiromi only answered this because she was asked if Takeru and Hikari were married. She will answer the same about every other ship (except Sorato and Miyaken).

I really doubt we will know Hikari's future husband or Takeru's future wife. Takari is still pretty popular, so they will mantain the shiptease. I see more likely they become Takari canon and retcon that part of the Epilogue.
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