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Originally Posted by Konja9 View Post
Also, Seki Hiromi only answered this because she was asked if Takeru and Hikari were married. She will answer the same about every other ship (except Sorato and Miyaken).
Probably because those are the only main ships that are actually canon.

I really doubt we will know Hikari's future husband or Takeru's future wife. Takari is still pretty popular, so they will mantain the shiptease.
Honestly, I would prefer if Toei doesn't tease a ship that they have no intention of making it canon. It will just enrage fans and cause more backlash.
Since fans ranted about Sorato becoming canon because the original digimon series and movie teased Tai and Sora so hard. If the series never teased Tai and Sora as potential couple then there wouldn't have been any backlash.

I see more likely they become Takari canon and retcon that part of the Epilogue.
From what we have seen, Tri series has no intention of retconing the Epilogue.
Even the final episode has shown that Tai applying for Collage to build a better future which imply his future as an ambassador while Matt decided to aim toward the space which foresee his future as an Astronaut.
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