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just finished this

I won't complain about how cheesy the development are... I mean we're growing up as well so it's normal that we could not watch Digimon as we used to before... if I'm still a child, I'll still be so hype with that conclusion

what I would like to underline here is the actual death of several humans... Is there a dying human before in Digimon series? This is a great idea to be integrated because they wanted to show that the Digidestined is truly not naive anymore..
They know pretty well about the sacrifice that was needed to be done

I'm still salty over Meicoomon's death though.. no one know if she actually become egg or not.. but Meicoomon is pretty cute Dandan...
About Omegamon Merciful mode, I guess Digimon 1 need their own "whole 6-8 digimon combined into one" stuffs like Susanoomon, etc.
Ordinemon is a great villain overall... tanking all those damage like a badass digimon
I prefer Orphanimon to Magnadramon though... It is too random to suddenly put Dragon-type into Tailmon-evolution chart
They removed the Adventure 02 Digidestined simply because they're too lazy to animate them or Imperialdramon might easily solve the whole situation.. lol

and seriously.. just how many mysteries are they going to add for Hikari? She suffered too much already and we're still not finding out everything about her weird power.. what is Homeostasis and Yggdrasil's view toward Hikari?

and I really need that last version of Butterfly... they actually gathered all the casts to sing it
RIP Wada Kouji

I'm satisfied for this 26 episodes ride... Thank you for reviving my childhood
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