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The most interesting thing in the movie is Dark Gennai name dropping Daemon and Diaboromon. That was the only wtf moment no matter how small. Btw I still stand by my theory that Dark Gennai is actually Piedmon who got dragged out by Yggdrasil from whatever hole MagnaAngelmon put him in

It feels like something went wrong during the writing phase of this series, something went off course around the 3rd movie and Toei might have bit off more than it can chew. I can see what they wanted to do and I don't actually have a problem with the main plot beats of the story but it's the inter-connecting parts that are so haphazardly done that is disappointing. To say nothing of a certain loose ends that we don't know what happened to her...

In the end I'm overall glad for more Digimon Adventures, I just wish it were better done. The Tri movies started when I first entered University and it's only fitting that it ends as I graduate this year and close another chapter of my life
Remember in season 1 when Piedmon hit one of the Gennai clone with a small black sphere? What if that sphere contain Piedmon back up date and was slowly infected that Gennai over the years to become the black Gennai of now?
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