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Originally Posted by Zero Shinohara View Post
Sasu ga AVPlaya-san desu ne! ( Hopefully I'm not embarrassing myself in here. ) Thanks for giving us a little insight on that. Even after Ascaloth cleared that up, I still didn't get the meaning of the joke completely. And yes, I don't have a lot of experience with cup-ramen, since all of the ones I eat are the simple, Wal-mart-type ones. Pretty lame, but that's more of a "emergency" ration for me than a real meal. But I'm pretty amazed that Ramen is so complicated to make. But well, at least now I can make some sense out of that scene.
Oh eat the Maruchan / American Nissin blocks of death? I would sooner burn one than eat one of those. Instant noodles is one thing that America does worse than South Asia.

Originally Posted by Zero Shinohara View Post
Well, if you ask me, I wouldn't consider Lucky*Star to ever have fillers. Fillers normally happen when the anime deviates away from its original storyline... but since L*S has little to no storyline at all, I don't think the term "filler" applies. Perhaps "original" anime stories or something of the sort?
It's either no filler or all filler. The thing is we have absolutely no idea what the author would come up with from one month to the next.

Originally Posted by Zero Shinohara View Post
Actually, if you ask me, Patty has been been appreciating anime since before going to Japan. Of course, Konata had a large influence in her otakuness, that I can tell. But I wouldn't think that Konata forced her into otakudom because of her wide acceptance of the otaku lifestyle. Well, that could be just a theory, of course, but her level of otakuness isn't something you can achieve in just a couple of months, right?
So tell me...why else would an American come to Japan knowing how to speak Japanese, albeit with an accent?

I'm pretty sure Patty's been watching classic anime (Love Hina, Azumanga Daioh, Haruhi, etc.) dub-style with some subs until Konata taught her everything else. She's one of those non-Asian anime fans who know the basics of anime (sailor fuku, yuri, sushi, and ramen) but no better (not Shinto nor 2channel, etc.).
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