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Originally Posted by Sheba View Post
Think of Patty as a mo version of Chipp from Guilty Gear and Sodom from Final Fight + Street Fighter Alpha.

They are americans who loves japan a bit too much.

Patty can be seen as a satire of japanophile foreigners.
Don't you mean "Katana". A football costumed Samurai wannabe from America who wants to become......oh god how did they even put it in the mangled translation. The whole character idea was strange. I liked how he misprounces Kamikaze in his ending though, but I could never be sure if it was an on purpose mispronounciation or Capcom just messed things up.

I get the feeling I've seen a Patty type character in another anime before.

Also I think we also have to be fair as well as how Japanese anime has portrayed American Culture and Mannerisms in the the past as well though. It's a two way relationship. I can't get over how in so many animes I've seen, American characters are portrayed as buff, loud, materialistic, rude and culturally insensitive types.
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