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Sarah Adiemus from Sukuran? and the blond girl from Ai Aoiyori something...forgot the title that stayed to much inJapan she almost forgot to speak in english.
Well, Anna Coppola from Ichimashi doesn't even speak English at all, despite being Born in England. She's not an otaku, but gaijin who knows more about Japan than your average Japanese is not unusual anymore. They're on TV everyday. There are a lot of kids like Anna Tsuchiya who looked very gaijin but can't speak English to save their live. I think what makes Patty unusual is that ordinary Japanese still have problem adjusting to the gaijin ota. Most Japanese would stereotype the shiroi gaijin as being "cooler" than the Japanese, so seeing the otaku-gaijin is an unholy mixing of two opposite stereotypes that just doesn't compute. I think the respect the outsiders paid to the otaku culture has a lot of do with the rise of the otaku status in the recent years. Soon maybe things will turn around for the Japanese otaku, that the intimate knowledge of moe-types and the ability to perform ota-gei would be considered gakkoi. And everyone of us gaiin-tachi reading this forum rignt now is contributing to it.

So in my mind, Go Patty!

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That's all very interesting. I've eaten the same cup noodles, but I've never messed it up before. We don't have that hot water dispenser, so we only heat water just when we're about to eat. Never had to worry about running out that way.
Well, almost every single Japanese family will need two item to call a house a home: a rice cooker and a hot water dispenser. Actually that's true for almost all East Asian families. You need a rice cooker to eat, and you need the water bottle for tea and instant noodles. That's the first thing you buy when you move to a new place - I've helped my shares of newbies and FOBs to get started with life in the US, and the first things they all want to get are these two items (if they didn't bring their own already!) Since everyone has one, getting fooled by the water-level meter is a regular event in most families. Unless we want to do the full ramen deal where we cook the noodle in a pot with veggies and other goodies, we'd have to fight with the water bottle every time. In my household, we eat instant noodles as nightly snacks (I think my wife is addicted), so we understand this drama very well.

Remember kids, when you want a rice cooker or hot water dispenser/bottle, always get Zojirushi. Tiger and other brands maybe cheaper or claim to have more features, but no brand beat the Zojirushi in term of quality.

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