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Hm nothing much about this episode that attracts me unlike episode 22 >> 7/10

Less Tsukasa scenes in this episode...and additional Minami scenes as a replacement for it...not like i'm unhappy for it,but maybe becoz i'm too used to Tsukasa's appearance as the main character from episode 1 until 22,in this episode was more like she became a side character,while those other side characters (those from year 1 class) replace her position as the main characters for this episode.

Other than that,everything seems ok for me..Minami was given the most priority for this episode,followed by Misao,Ayano,Patricia and Tamura.

After hiding it for about 9 episodes,finally Minami's big secret was revealed in front of the other was funny though to see her reaction at the moment Konata pointed her secret out to the others.

As for the Lucky Channel,i'd say the worst of all...well i didn't really expect anything much from it since episode 21...just that i wonder who gonna fill in the "guest star" position for the final episode of Lucky Channel..Ono Daisuke had made his appearance as a guest star for 3 episodes i think,while Yuko Goto made it for this episode.I think,probably the last one would be..someone from Haruhi too i guess,considering the fact that both Ono Daisuke and Yuko Goto are the seiyuu for both Koizumi and Asahina...and also Shiraishi himself as Taniguchi.Probably Minori Chihara? XP
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