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The arc started out well... Good characters, decent plot and so forth, but it fell a little flat towards the end.

I think the thing that made it rather poor was that the fights were not to interesting... i mean, when it comes down to it their weren't many REAL fighters, mostly just grunts and guys with gimmicks... The phoenix crew was nothing but grunts, and pheonix himself showed he could fight a bit, but not that he was worth 100 million... The bounty hunters were mostly not fighters just guys with gimmicks... it's kind of fun to watch the first time but only once, wasn't so much fun the second time... The only ones i would consider as fighters amonst the bounty hunters is Papa and the two brothers when they are together (alone they not much)... I thought papa himself was done fairly ok as a fighter, but the fight fell a bit on Luffy's part... we know he can fight harder and that gear 2 is more effective then what we saw; not to mention that finisher was rather lame (i know they were trying to say "it's alot more powerful then a nomral bazooka", but it just didn't work)

Ya i think if they worked more on the fighting end of the characters i think the arc would have turned out better... all the arc needed was more REAL fighters and a better execution of Luffy's skills
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