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Daniel E.: Yep, I use a Wacom intous (first generation) tablet for everything now. I hardly use traditional tools anymore.

Radiosity: That's horrible to hear about your tablet. Thanks, I loved doing the Negima ones. I probably should get off my lazy butt and do some more.

Now imagine if you took the upcoming 'The Dark Knight' movie and used the cast from the 1966 Batman TV series but kept the cinema photography, story, and tone of the movie and showed it to audiences back in 1966. It would scare the living daylights of the audience! Well, here is what the movie poster might look like.

Spoiler for For large file:

Why I came up with that idea, I don't know, but I had to try it. Using one of the Joker posters for TDK as reference, I snagged a photo of Ceaser and drew him in Heath's pose. While the likeness is not quite there, I loved the way it came out. Manga Studio Debut was used for the pencils and inks, and PhotoShop was used for the colors and text.

Ah, I do apologize for the lack of 'anime' style for this, sorry.

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