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Though I think you're being too fast with Sora no Woto. The show actually touches a very diverse range of emotions, much more than just moe. There are comedy/slice of life moments and there are serious moments, and remarkably enough (miraculous in fact given the horrible track record of 13 episodes anime series and original anime series), it does both well. To be sure it was never going to become an epic war show but the post-war setting isn't just a throwaway gimmick just to get K-On girls into uniform.

So yeah.
To be honest, that's what I thought Sora no Woto was going to be [K-On with uniforms]. I guess I'm going to be giving that a try now.

But, just in case there's a misunderstanding, I didn't stop liking K-On because of moe. I stopped liking it because of the poor gags [which were repeated, which made it worse] and the flanderization of the characters, all in my opinion of course. How does K-On compare with Strike Witches?
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