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Glad to see you are a reasonable fellow, and I believe there is no glaring faults in your reasoning. Plot wise, though, I am sorry to say, but I think Magi is going to be eating a lot of humble cake around the IS Academy with his observer status, and the fact he is essentially an 8-meter tall guard dog. IS pilots and his kind live in totally separate worlds, not that it means he can't teach 'em a thing or two and the opposite applying to him as well.

On the subject of NEXTs, each to our own, I suppose, in how we choose to honor our dead. But if ain't a White Glint... I am personally more partial to Rayleonard's AALIYAH and Rosenthal's TYPE-HOGIRE and TYPE-LANCEL lines. GA's Sunshines always struck me as clumsy brick houses that I just had to systematically dismember piece by piece. The New Sunshines are a bit better, but still oafish. Sadly, my final AC ultimately relied upon Interior Union's LATONA line of all things; then again, I always was a lightweight / middleweight AC man. Mobility and DPS all the way. Screw armor. If I can't be hit, then I won't be killed, right?

Abu Marsh's White Glint was only good for the novelty. Performance-wise there are still much better NEXTs out and about.
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