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Glad to see you are a reasonable fellow, and I believe there is no glaring faults in your reasoning. Plot wise, though, I am sorry to say, but I think Magi is going to be eating a lot of humble cake around the IS Academy with his observer status, and the fact he is essentially an 8-meter tall guard dog. IS pilots and his kind live in totally separate worlds, not that it means he can't teach 'em a thing or two and the opposite applying to him as well.

On the subject of NEXTs, each to our own, I suppose, in how we choose to honor our dead. But if ain't a White Glint... I am personally more partial to Rayleonard's AALIYAH and Rosenthal's TYPE-HOGIRE and TYPE-LANCEL lines. GA's Sunshines always struck me as clumsy brick houses that I just had to systematically dismember piece by piece. The New Sunshines are a bit better, but still oafish. Sadly, my final AC ultimately relied upon Interior Union's LATONA line of all things; then again, I always was a lightweight / middleweight AC man. Mobility and DPS all the way. Screw armor. If I can't be hit, then I won't be killed, right?

Abu Marsh's White Glint was only good for the novelty. Performance-wise there are still much better NEXTs out and about.
Of course, that was why I created the Mirage Raven "Empyrean", he acts as a foil to Magi. In AC3's plot, Mirage wanted to manipulate DOVE to their own ends while Crest is bent on maintaining the social order and the same rings true here. Magi doesn't want to change the state of the world to have ACs dominating IS but Empyrean is seeking whatever it takes to make ACs replace IS as the "end all weapons"

I always felt that Global Arament was the Ersatz of Crest, plenty of ballistic weaponry and heavy NEXTs/ACs for combat. While it is nice to be using energy weapons. Sometimes a good old fashioned depleted uranium bazooka shell can hit as hard as a Kurosawa and I have an interest at making "Purebred" ACs, ACs made with only one series of parts

Spoiler for Info On Empyrean, the second AC Raven:
Old McDonald had a farm...Eyey Eyey O...And on his farm he had a Khzithak...Eyey Eyey O...With a ARHHFAHHAAAAAAAAARRRGIIIAAA HELP AAAUUU HELP! IT'S GNAWING OFF MY...

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